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IB-SYSTEM IP is the new revolutionary integration server from cias labs for the complete management of up to 1280 different sensors.
This pc based solution offers complete support in terms of set up, maintenance and general management of all field sensors via an ethernet connection it provides up to 10 different output groups, each one able to communicate with 5 different protocols, giving the operator the possibility to acquire and integrate both CIAS protocol and 4 alternative communication protocols simultaneously. Thanks to the free sdk license, Ib-system ip is already compatible with some of the most well known brands (i.e. Milestone, Arteco, Videotec, Genetec, Cortech and  Geutebrueck).

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  • Max Capability up to 1280 sensors
  • Response time: Max 500m Sec without changes even at max capability
  • Band occupancy very low, max 20 kilobits/channel
  • Data security ,signature analisys
  • Sensors input channels, Max 640
  • Data transmission IP Unicast
  • IP output, up to 5 for each output group
  • Realys output Through ip extention
  • Integration protocol SDK available
  • Time synchro, automatic time & date Syncronization
  • 6 years warranty

High Lights

  • Very fast field response
  • Up to 1280 devices
  • Quality of signal analysis
  • Auto acquisition and configuration of field sensors
  • Hot back-up
  • Implemented Protocols = Milestone, Videotec, Geutebrueck

Hot Backup IP

Upon request, an hot back-up server (ib-system ip-twin) is also available for an immediate takeover of the main server primary functions in case of a break down.
IB-SYSTEM IP-twin automatically restores server features and maintains the monitoring of the entire system.


IB-TEST IP is the sw dedicated to maintenance test and system synoptic. it can be used as monitoring mode.
Wave test ip is the software tool for all cias digital barriers. it allows set-up and control of each tx or rx head locally or remotely.

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