IB System Rack

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IB-System Rack is a Plug & Play system for simplified wiring and universal interface. Thanks to the serial bus or fibre optic bus It is possible to collect all the status alarms (alarm, failure, tamper and no answer) for each device in the field in a cost effettive and structured way. All the information received by the server can be displayed on graphic maps and/or, thanks to dedicated islands, translated into the universal on/off language in order to be shared and combined with any type of other system (control panel), CCTV, access control, airport traffic control etc.). By using the digital sensor from CIAS with Ib-System Rack it is possible to use the same bus to adjust parameters and perform maintenance tasks completely from a remote location.

FONDO-IB-SYSTEM-RACK1ib_test_mapib_testDual Redundancy loop with Fibre OpticField Connection through Ethernet

Tech Features

  • Self-identification and self-configuration of the site.
  • Possibility to enable/disable single modules during normal operation
  • Status synoptic on front panel
  • Max 64 barriers/128 devices
  • Connection on serial bus RS 485 and/or Fibre Optic/ ethernet
  • Modem connection to switched line for direct remote assistance on field device (only valid for cias intelligent sensor)
  • IB-System rack small is provided on rack 9,5” 3u for small site applications with a maximum expansion of 16 barriers / 16 devices
  • Free wiring architecture, close loop, star, multidrop, mixed
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