Application note: protection of Oil & Gas sites


We go on with our application notes talking about protection of Oil & Gas sites.
CIAS, thanks to its complete products portfolio, can offer the market a proper and complete solution. The over ten-year successful experience into this vertical market worldwide allows us to recommend a solution that set a standard:
The goal is to create a triple level of defence, which is actually very difficult to pass through without producing an alarm signal, also visual, that alerts who’s supervising the area.

Along the perimeter for sure we’ll find the first physical protection line, the barbed wire mesh fence 2,5m high on average, on which we fix the system Sioux 3.0 Mems when 1m accuracy is required, or Apache Fiber if fiber optic technology is required. In the inner part instead, along the security corridor about 10m wide, we install a series of microwave barriers: the digital and Fuzzy Logic Ermo 482X Pro so to create, in addition to the fence, a volumetric protection. The narrow passages are then protected with a series of barriers of 2m height and triple technology: Pythagoras 3.0.
The whole installation is managed from the control room by CIAS Supervisor system, which through relays, BUS485 or alternatively IP & PoE integrates all CIAS devices on field and puts them into cooperation with the CCTV system, usually comprising fixed cameras in series at approximately 40/50m one from the other.

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