Did you already know that CIAS established a record producing before all others the first microwave digital barrier ever used in the security world?

ERMO 482M was in fact created in 1988. This model evolved in the following years becoming ERMO 695 in 1995, Ermo 482X in 1998, finally Ermo 482X Pro in 2004, in use today.

Cias Microwaves do protect top security sites worldwide for a total perimeter length of about 16.000 km.

Reasons for success of such an important product, now a reference point in the market of perimeter systems for high security, are to be linked to the great quality of the signal emitted that, besides being a digital one, is treated by a sophisticated kind of analysis based on Fuzzy Logic behavioral patterns.

Thanks to these unique features our product is well distinguished granting the user installations truly secure, with real capacity for revelation of intrusion attempts and safe from unwanted false alarms.

Also Manta is based on the above mentioned technology. This is a microwave barrier too, endowed with the same technical features but smaller in dimensions and price, with a captivating design.

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