CIAS digital microwave barriers: top performance


Traditional volumetric microwave barriers have always guaranteed the best coverage of the intrusion area,
in terms of effectiveness and reliability. Here are the main strengths.

1. EASY TO INSTALL: especially in the IP / POE version, everything is installed with a single cable

2. EASY TO SET UP: in about 10 minutes, either by connecting the laptop directly to the head, or remotely with the SW

3. EFFECTIVE against False Alarms: only one alarm per unit per year, thanks to CIAS Fuzzy Logic algorithms (256 Behavior Models + Side Target Discrimination)

4. MANAGING the data of many Zones: the IB-System IP collects the status of up to 1280 combinable devices with a continuous polling, and transmits it on the IP platform with a maximum delay of 0.5 sec

5. INTEGRATED with other sensors: from Alarm and Access Control Panels - via relay with serial line, to VMS devices of major brands - via IP

6. COMPETITIVE Advantage in the price: it offers the best Return On the cost of the Investment on the market thanks to the easy setting and the advanced function of false alarms reduction



What happens if you find yourself having to protect narrow corridors, where the intrusion area
can be delimited by fences or vegetation to leave an area of ​​even a single meter?

Until 2019, active IR technology was used in these cases, which emits a narrow beam, whose interruption due to an attempted intrusion produces an alarm. Unfortunately, the same technology, optimal in laboratory conditions, once installed outdoors becomes subject to precautions, such as constant maintenance routines, and problems of disqualification the longer the range, due to solar glare or headlights, sandstorms, hail or fog, with related false alarms.

Here comes the MICRO-RAY, with its innovative linear microwave technology: the advantages of installation adaptability are finally absorbed, offering high performance of intrusion detection in a ray that goes into alarm if interrupted. The above mentioned problems of malfunction in extreme conditions are avoided, thanks to the intrinsic effectiveness of the microwave perimeter technology, combined with the advanced Fuzzy Logic analysis.

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