CIAS Virtual Training Room – DONE ✅

We all have heard of this phenomenon, but what do we really know about it? Let's try to keep it simple:

How is Digital Transformation defined?

As the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business.
But first of all it's a cultural change that requires focusing on present and future changes in the technological environment and adapting our process to provide the best service to every customer.

How important is it to adopt innovations?

People are more and more connected and digitally fluent. Replacing older technology with newer, to improve how customers can interact with the service or products provider, becomes a must for a people-first company.

In CIAS we have renovated and adapted our traditional training room into a Virtual Showroom, for remote access. Embracing this process, we switch from the in-house real meeting into the e-booth meeting experience.


First of all, a wall with active rays was created to display our revolutionary linear mW barrier: MICRO-RAY.

This operational wall allows for an immersive approach of how the barrier works when an intruder is crossing the mW rays.

A very effective way to show it!


Then we connected all CIAS top products like on a real site: barriers, radar and fence sensors, along with their managing SW and data collection system, working in a functioning loop, supervised by cameras.
The Master of Ceremony (your dedicated Salesperson) will now be able to entertain you from a remote location to switch on the e-booth. Let the show begin!



In our years-long parallel experience of technical trainers, practical demos are - even when virtual- the most efficient way to explain an installation or maintenance topic, to provide troubleshooting tips or an overview of our solutions.
Thanks to this digital transformation project, we are now able to give our Customers an enhanced e-booth experience and to showcase all-year round our #PIDS.

Start booking your private show, tickets will go fast !!

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