Engineering service by Cias

It’s more than 40 years that CIAS helps you to find a solution to the most problematic perimeter protection requirements


CIAS has always been at your disposal for a project studying service.
Through our internal Technical Staff we can offer many solutions by applying the wide range of CIAS technologies. Nowadays we can choose among a variety of devices able to communicate with each other, so to provide effective and performing integrated systems.
Moreover all the newest product range can be interconnected via IP, thus taking advantage of the existing networks.

• New IP microwave barriers, in different ranges up to 500m
• New IP accelerometer fence sensors, pinpointing 1m
• New fiber optic fence sensor, also suitable for ATEX areas
• New rapid deployment, wireless system for perimeter protection
• New Supervision systems, with 3D maps integrated to CCTV
• Cias IP devices are integrated to major platforms such as: Genetec, Milestone, Arteco, Videotec, Cortech, and any other through SDK

In order to know more about all possible protection solutions offered by Cias, please feel free to send your enquiry to Service and our Technical Staff will help you with the more suitable.