Example of CIAS integration

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CIAS and C & C Partners Telecom started the cooperation, which main aim was to create an alternative to existing solutions, using the potential of modern systems for perimeter protection and smart, scalable relation with CCTV.

As final effect we received integration between the platform VDG Sense/DIVA and perimeter protection system SIOUX that allows implementation of effective and intuitive security systems, providing the user with full information on the nature of detected alarm events.

The exchange of data between those systems is done by communication infrastructure existing in each system, so there is no need to invest in additional active devices and time.

Above solution is also applicable in the same way to a whole range of devices offered by the CIAS through the existing IP network and IB-System IP

All those capabilities allow to create a comprehensive system for collecting, verification and event handling that will be scalable and easily extensible, and above all highly automated and user friendly.