Fence detection: the SIOUX MEMS innovation


In terms of fence detection, one of the most advanced solutions currently on the market is represented by SIOUX MEMS, the innovative technology developed by CIAS in collaboration with the Milan Politecnico University.

But what does the acronym MEMS stand for? It means Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems. Specifically, it is related to the micro-electro-mechanical systems made by photolithography, like microprocessors, that typically combine mechanical parts with electronic data processing circuits. The size of the whole system is extremely small, and goes from 20 micrometers to 1 millimeter.

Thanks to its inertial sensor, the fence detection system based on the MEMS technology is able to detect in a very precise manner all accelerations resulting from about any action around the perimeter: fence-climbing, cutting or lifting, sensor displacement attempts, ladders leaning against the perimeter and so on. All, thanks to a small chip that is very similar to those that are usually used for smartphones.

The inertial sensor detects accelerations in three different planes (dimensions), in order to provide specific data about:

  • Fence vibration
  • Sensor position in relation to the ground

It is important to notice that the extreme precision guaranteed by this fence detection system, together with CIAS’ know-how concerning intelligent signal processing algorithms and external protection systems, has given birth to a specific product for fence protection, called Sioux 3.0.

The SIOUX MEMS fence detection system allows each sensor to be set individually and this makes the solution suitable both for rigid or mesh fences. Another detail about the SIOUX MEMS fence detection system is that the solution does not require any separation of difference fence segments before the installation.

SIOUX MEMS fence detection system: technical data

Here are some interesting technical data about the SIOUX MEMS fence detection system by CIAS:

  • Innovative accelerometer MEMS sensor, auto-addressing
  • 700mt coverage and zones from 35mt
  • Precision of detection of 1 meter via IP - through SDK
  • Easy installation by placing sensors every 5m regardless their positioning on panels
  • Covering up to 6m in height with only one line of sensors
  • Inclinometer system for tamper detection
  • 700m covering by each control unit: IP & PoE and with 20 relay output
  • Operating temperature between -40/+70°C
  • 10-years events memory
  • 6-years warranty against manufacturing default

The SIOUX MEMS fence detection system operates where the classic inertial sensors, based on the contact between metallic spheres, cannot. In terms of precision, this solution for perimeter protection represents one of the most advanced currently on the market.

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