High security: Sioux Pro2 is at the top



Having a high fence around your property, this may be not enough to protect it.Fence is the first line of defense, a passive protection hindering the occasional intruder but not really discouraging the malicious one to climb it. That’s what fence-mounted detection systems are made for, transforming the passive fence into a sensitive active perimeter which detects climbing, lifting, cutting attempts.

Among all possible solutions on the market SIOUX PRO2 is a very special system, suitable for any type of fence from rigid to mesh.


1. Based on MEMS technology, the sensors capture the smallest vibration on the 3 spatial axis :

  • every MEMS sensor is individually analyzed on distributed intelligence basis


2. Pin Point Location: thanks to the interpolation of the data provided from the SLAVE boards to their MASTER boards, accuracy of 1 meter (3,3 ft) is provided by the system, regardless of the distance between the sensors

  • intrusion events are identified point by point: a high security standard rarely provided by peer systems on the market.


3. Effective protection of fences up to 6 meters high:

  • goes up covering till 5mt, placing the sensor 1mt from the ground

4. Ultimate flexibility:

Build your fence-detection system on the fly with our kits of 7 sensors, 7 housings and 7 patch cables to protect exactly the fence length required.

  • SIOUX PRO2 is also the easiest system to maintain on the market as each part can be replaced individually and the system repaired in a few minutes in case of failure, vandalism, etc.

In protecting your values don't be passive: take action and
put security at the top of the list! 

Also interested in catching wall-climbing attempts?



COMING SOON ..........

how to use CIAS mW barriers in wall-protection mode ?

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For any further info please contact: extreme@cias.it