Infrared barrier sensor

The infrared barrier sensor is one of the most performing and versatile systems for guaranteeing the flawless protection of virtually any type of site. Specifically, an infrared barrier sensor can be used to ensure the security of delimited spaces (doors, windows, corridors, small passages, gates) in environments such as:

  • Private and residential sites
  • Airports
  • Building sites
  • Industrial environments
  • Commercial spaces
  • Public spaces

In general term, a high-quality infrared barrier sensor can be adapted to any space with the goal of detecting motion. Usually, it works thanks to an emitter side that sends out a beam of human-invisible IR light to a receiver sensitive to that same light and positioned to the opposite direction. Whenever something or someone crosses the space between the two, and of course it is not transparent to IR, we can say that the beam is “broken” and therefore the receiver will be informed of that.

An infrared barrier sensor can especially be suitable to monitor and protect spaces such as doorways, corridors, gates. It is able to sense some aspects of the surrounding and, in some cases, also to measure the heat of an object as it detects its motion.

An infrared barrier sensor is based on infrared optic cells, that represent one of the most popular sensor modules in security electronic devices. In a way, the sensors used with infrared barrier are similar to human’s visionary lenses when they are uses to detect obstacles and therefore its application in “real time” security devices is quite common.

CIAS, leading company on a global level in terms of smart, cost-effective, easily installable intrusion detection systems on the market, offers a wide range of solutions in terms of infrared barrier sensors and is always ready to guarantee a high level of consultancy to all its clients, in order to setup the best security system for any space or application.

Among the many solutions offered by CIAS in terms of sensors, Aquarius XL and Aquarius XS are the two new double-technology curtain sensors combining passive infrared and microwave technologies. The XL model has 12m range that is fully suitable for an outdoor use, whereas the XS, 8m range and cheaper, is designed for indoors application or dry external areas. The Aquarius range is perfect for the protection of residential sites and small buildings in general.

In terms of pure infrared barrier sensors, CIAS offers a wide range including active infrared, hybrid or standard technologies in order to guarantee the most comprehensive and inclusive selection of tools for performing and cost-effective intrusion detection.

The whole Darwin range is especially suitable for the protection of windows and doorways. On the other hand, if you need to protect single family homes, warehouses facades, roofs, walled areas, parking lots, storage facilities, the perfect solution is Newton Plus, the patented active hybrid long range infrared barrier. Robust and reliable, characterized by an attractive design, it’s made up from hybrid tx/rx optic kits which analyzes and detects any possible intrusion.

Get in touch with CIAS now and discover the best solution for the protection of your spaces.