Microwave security sensors

Microwave security barriers and sensors offer one of the most reliableperforming, cost-effective and safe solutions for perimeter protection in outdoors.

Microwave technology operate in a quite simple way, by developing an electromagnetic field using high-frequency microwaves (x or k band). Said waves pass from a transmitter to a receiver and therefore create an invisible but extremely efficient protection wall. Whenever the receiver detects a difference of condition within the range of its beam, it communicates the possible intrusion through a comprehensive analysis that ends with an alarm signal. The signal can be treated in analogue or digital form.

Thanks to their reliability, precision and versatility, microwave security sensors can be used successfully for the security of different types of sites, such as:

  • Correctional facilities
  • Power plants
  • Refineries
  • Airports
  • Military sites

Microwave security sensors: a wide range of solutions by CIAS h2

CIAS, the internationally-renowned Italian company specializing in new-generation microwave security sensors and all-round security solutions, offers a wide range of products that are easy to install and maintain, guarantees maximum performance.

Among the many solutions by CIAS in terms of microwave security barriers, and suitable for the protection of civilian and commercial applications as well as for the perimeter protection of villas, balconies, terraces, small industries, and shopping malls, there are:

  • Microwave security sensors | ERMO 482X PRO 3.0: It is the latest digital microwave barrier with digital signal analysis for the protection of different ranges (50, 80, 120, 200, 250 and 500 meters). The internal microprocessor uses fuzzy logic to analyze the received signal giving very high performance in detection probability and low false alarm rates. This product is ideal for the protection of high-risk sites such as nuclear power plants, prisons, military sites, petrol-chemical sites.
  • Microwave security sensors | MANTA: it represents the latest generation of digital microwave barrier with planar antenna for protection up to 50-80 meters. Suitable for outdoors application, MANTA offers the same high detection performance usually guaranteed to high-risk sites to residential spaces such as houses and villas. Thanks to updated design of its microwave antennas and for its small dimensions, this product is the ideal solution for residential sites where space is often restricted, and the aesthetics has significant importance.
  • Microwave security sensors | ERMUSA: it is an analogue microwave intrusion detection system for volumetric external protection, particularly useful for residential and industrial applications. It is ideal for the protection of long corridors, balconies, gates, scaffolding and medium length perimeters and protects different ranges (30, 60 and 80 meters).
  • Microwave security sensors | CORAL PLUS: it is a digital barrier for protections up to 220 meters and guarantees an easy and quick installation, paired with an outstanding performance. Its innovative design ensures the best enviromental impact thanks to the integrated junction box and internal cable passage.

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