MMD-Centurion: microwave dual doppler

MMD-Centurion: the microwave Dual doppler system
for temporary installations stand alone and wireless


CIAS, leader in the manufacturing of external perimeter protection systems since 1974, produces, among its product portfolio options, MMD-CENTURION, a portble solution of mono-head (TX and RX in the same head) dual doppler detector, with a range of 100m, completely wireless and stand alone, easy to position, set up and put into operation. The autonomy without power supply of this device is 10 days. MMD-Centurion allows to cover each sensible object, military and civilian structures and perimeters. Moreover, it guarantees the respect of military standards for its temperature range -40°+70°C, robustness, and military waterproof connectors and connection cables. They are alongside the product range MMD-SYSTEM for temporary bistatic protections with ranges up to 200m per barrier.

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