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Since now with MURENA EASY* you’ll have the chance to protect your premises’ outdoors with a real Dual Doppler high technology but user-friendly too, and even at budget prices.

By participating in this sales campaign you’ll take the chance of a product successful in many ways:

- SAFE since this sensor rests upon dual doppler technology endowed with fuzzy logic analysis of the digital signal.

- EASY since it will be set up from factory with parameters good for any applications and adjustable too.

- AFFORDABLE since from today you’ll have the chance to buy your Murena Easy in promotion at 30% less than your standard purchase terms.

For further info please contact your Area Manager Ms. Antonella Scuderi T: +39 02 3767161 or ask to your preferred Distributor.

* please be informed that EASY version does not manage RS-485 communication port for communication and remote parameters setting, which remain exclusive features of MURENA PLUS 12m and 24m versions.