MURENA PLUS – A choice without compromise

MURENA PLUS – A choice without compromise

Digital dual doppler sensor for external use, also IP & PoE


IMG_20130319_144702 murena curtain


Even if today many “low cost” products invaded the market, MURENA PLUS is still a very appreciated product. It is selling well not only in high security sector, but also in residential sector for the protection of buildings with small or medium gardens. In fact, despite all, there is still a request of “Quality Security” from many professional installers and private clients who are not satisfied with a basic quotation but have a desire to understand exactly what they are asked to buy.

One of the features that makes MURENA PLUS unique is the possibility to set the analysis area along with the dimensions of the detection target, adjusting the range, without compromises and avoiding completely false alarms usually caused by small animals or big moving objects such as vehicles passing by.

“Fuzzy logic” rules, on which signal analysis is based, allow target identification and its classification in terms of danger according established configuration parameters.
Furthermore, adding the accessory IP-DOORWAY it is possible to manage alarms, telemetry and alimentation through only one cable, optimizing the work of the installer and reducing the total labor cost to complete a plant.

Strengths Highlights:
• The only 100% microwave dual doppler sensor for external use on the market
• Totally immune to fog and extreme weather conditions -35°+65°C
• Fuzzy logic digital analysis to discriminate environmental noise and small animals
• Definition of sensitive and not sensitive zone with 1m accuracy
• Sensitivity not affected by season changes
• Anti-mask and anti-displacement included
• Remotely manageable via RS485 and IP PoE (optional)
• 3 models: 12m or 24m volumetric and 12m curtain
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