The brand-new technology created by CIAS laboratories was finally disclosed In Dubai, during one of the most influential trade shows for security.

Micro-Ray, this is the name of the new product presented, is a barrier with microwave “rays”, something never seen before and that will revolutionize the world market. Those who are familiar with infrared barriers, and know its advantages but also its limits, will understand that if you can get a very narrow "linear" microwave beam you hit the target! In fact, with the Microwave you do not face all the typical problems of the Infrared: most of all the disqualification due to heavy rain, snow and fog is avoided. There is no need for any special maintenance neither for a cleaning routine of the front cover, since the microwave signal is not affected by dirt. No heaters are needed, whereas those are normally needed for infrared to maintain the correct operational temperature, therefore its consumption remains low. The detection performance and its high reliability make it an excellent product suitable for all types of installation.

Micro-Ray emits, exactly like an infrared barrier, very narrow beams working with a logic of interruption of the beam and not of the volume, allowing it to fit in very narrow corridors with a minimum width of 1m.

The main features:
• 100m range
• 1/2 / 3m towers
• 1/2/3/4 microwave beams
• 24Ghz technology with linear ray
• Totally immune to adverse environmental conditions (sun and fog)
• Fuzzy Logic digital analysis
• Fully manageable remotely on RS485 or IP & PoE

Product availability from June 2019!
Prices will be presented at the launch of the CIAS Extreme 2019 price list.

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