MURENA PLUS: Outdoor dual doppler device, also IP & PoE version


MURENA PLUS is a digital dual-frequency mono-head Doppler, suitable for providing utmost security in protection of high risk sites as well as residential buildings.

One of the most interesting feature of the product is the possibility of setting analysis of the area along with dimension of the target that you want to detect. By means of this, false alarms usually generated by small animals and big objects, such as for instance cars passing by, are truly avoided – without compromise.

Thanks to “fuzzy logic” rules, on which analysis of the signal is based, target’s identification and its classification in terms of danger level with respect to set parameters is done.

By adding the IP-DOORWAY accessory, you are furthermore able to manage alarms, telemetry and power supply in one cable only, thus optimizing installer’s work and reducing overall cost of labour to complete the whole installation.

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