Perimeter protection toward deep space

DSA3 Malargue

Thanks to the work of our Argentinian distributor DTS² Seguridad Perimetral, CIAS is proudly part of the team that contributed to the security of the DSA 3 - Deep Space Antenna n.3 - built by ESA, the European Space Agency, in Malargüe, in the Mendoza province of Argentina,
1000 west from Buenos Aires.

The space station’s perimeter is protected by Ermo Xpro sensors by CIAS, the microwave barrier enhanced with digital signal analysis intended for intrusion detection and security of high risk sites.
Malargüe space station is actually involved in ground control of operations and activities of the Rosetta mission, the very first one in astronomy history to land a spacecraft on a comet’s surface. The Philae lander has successfully achieved its mission on November 12th, and has already sent images and information about the 67P Churyumov-Gerasimenko comet, a celestial body 4,5 billions years old, with a challenging surface made of rocks, ice and dust. Italy aerospace industry also had a fundamental contribution to the Rosetta mission, with the supply of the Italian samples acquisition and distribution system, under the scientific responsibility of the Milan Polytechnic, aiming to rewrite what we know about comets and also possibly discovering more on the origins of our solar system.

The ESA space station in Argentina is one of the most sophisticated in the world, incorporating state of the art technology for the monitoring and ground control of spacecraft, satellites and aerospace missions, in order to ensure reliable and secure communications with missions in our solar system. The Malargüe station is the third in the world, following the others in Spain and Australia, completing the global coverage of ESA missions in the deep space.

Praising the precious effort and support of our local distributor for Argentina DTS² Seguridad Perimetral, CIAS is proud to figure among technology suppliers of DSA 3, being able to guarantee extreme security and the highest levels of perimeter protection to such an important site for ESA, a main facility for the scientific success in deep space exploration.

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