CIAS products integrated via IP with Cortech

Cias has pleasure in announcing the integration of its range of products with Cortech’s latest major software release, Datalog 5 (available in different language translations).

Cortech Developments have been providing software integration solutions for building, fire and security management systems since 1992. They have a proven track record in delivering software development and integrated systems solutions for high security environments and critical infrastructure, globally.

Datalog is a modular based software suite that has been developed as a single or multi user Graphical User Interface providing local and remote site monitoring and control of often vast and complex sites.
The software integrates with a wide range of manufacturers control technology including CCTV, Intruder, Fire, Access, Perimeter, Intercom, Staff Safety, Building Alarms, BMS, Energy and other emerging technologies.

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Integrazione CORTECH