Solar farms protection: a solution with APACHE FIBER


Solar technologies are once again of great interest to the economy, both to respond to the real need to move globally towards the production of clean energy, and to comply with European regulations which provide for cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030. A further push is the economic convenience of the goal of "energy autonomy" compared to the growing costs of traditional energy sources.


With the creation of new photovoltaic farms, the need to secure them with quality, efficient and reliable anti-intrusion systems go hand in hand. There is therefore an evident room for growth for the perimeter business, without forgetting the needs for maintenance of pre-existing systems, often not adequately protected.

CIAS, with consolidated know-how in the field of photovoltaic design and planning,
offers various solutions to choose from based on site characteristics and investment requirements.


If we start from the outermost level of protection, typycally a fence, we can adopt the APACHE FIBER system, which responds to a series of high security characteristics and allows effective and lasting protection.


  1. Reliable detection on any type of fence, rigid or flexible
  2. Immunity to interference caused by lightning
  3. Suitability in the presence of corrosive, flammable or explosive atmospheres

Specifically, APACHE FIBER is an opto-phonic technology capable of detecting attempts to violate the perimeter fence, typically by climbing over, cutting or breaking through: by processing the signal variations generated by the difference between the sent and received light beams, it analyzes the data collected through special algorithms capable of discriminating natural phenomena from real intrusion attempts.

Furthermore, through the simulation of the events to be detected, it is possible, after installation and therefore in real working conditions, to optimize the detection parameters by drastically reducing the percentage of false alarms.



The Fiber Cable sensor element, which detects the mechanical stresses of the intrusion, is a special multimode fiber optic cable to be installed along the entire perimeter of the protected area. Signals from the field are carried by the non-sensitive Fiber Lead and processed by the Apache-Fiber CU analyzer.

Depending on the shape of the perimeter and the degree of sensitivity to be obtained, the configuration can be with single fiber (for fences up to 2.5m high) or with double fiber (up to 4m high), in a ring for each area or in consecutive chain between analyzers. Each APACHE FIBER analyzer is able to manage up to 1Km of optical fiber for single-zone and 2Km for dual-zone. The system can be integrated over IP.