Stay tuned for CIAS TUNER!

CIAS TUNER, web-based setup tool
forCIAS digital sensors

CIAS TUNER is finally here !

Our new platform is a web server that is going to revolutionize your experience of remote management, fine tuning and maintenance of our linear microwave barrier Micro-Ray and ultimately all CIAS digital barriers.

It is the first step in gradually replacing the current dedicated software and thus standardizing these tools into a unique universal unified platform.

CIAS TUNER allows in a very user-friendly interface the display of groups of barriers according to the assigned location. Each column is identified by IP address and port.

For each column it is possible to manage the parameters of each mW ray:

  1. APPLICATIONS (among those available: e.g. sliding, narrow corridor, open spaces, etc ...)
  2. INTERRUPTION TIME (i.e. configuration of the detection speed for each ray)
  3. VEGETATION FILTER (i.e. the possibility of activating special digital filters for the elimination of disturbances created by vegetation if too close to the rays)



Using a browser in WiFi, you can view the CIAS TUNER screens on your smartphone or tablet.
Very useful for on-site alignment and walk-in test phases, giving the chance to zoom in on the moment for an immediate view, for example while walking the perimeter.

The first release - exclusively dedicated to Micro-Ray- is available on March 15th.



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