Prisons: CIAS technologies for protection of detention facilities


In those days in Italy we hear many news of break out from prisons and detention centers (CPT).
Ways to escape are often dramatically easy, like in a movie, making knots on sheets to climb down a wall or a fence, or cutting bars with hacksaws.
CIAS since 1974 offers a complete selection of products which really help guards and security services to keep under control escape attempts.
The complete portfolio includes the historic MICROWAVE family with digital fuzzy logic barriers for anti-climbing and anti-crawling applications, which properly installed can prevent potential fugitives to pass by unnoticed.
It’s well-known that microwave systems are IMMUNE to FOG, RAIN, SNOW and EXTREME WEATHER CONDITIONS.
The selection includes systems for rigid and mesh fences like SIOUX MEMS, accelerometer sensors to be installed every 5m so to catch any cut and climbing attempts on the fence.
For a complete solution, it’s also available the CIAS SUPERVISOR 3D graphic maps system for visualization of cameras and integration to all Cias devices.
Always remarkable as a feature, all CIAS’s systems are distinguished by low false alarm rate and very limited need for maintenance.

With our 40-years experience as market leader in protection of high-risk sites, we stay at your disposal for any help in developing your projects.
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