Proudly ahead of market demand, CIAS is glad to introduce a new concept of microwave barrier, able to couple the advantages of microwave volumetric lobes with those of infrared linear rays, brilliantly outdoing the limits of both technologies.



MICRO-RAY is the first barrier in the world able to develop MICROWAVE RAYS for the protection of very narrow corridors, starting from 1 mt width corridor.

Thanks to special 24Ghz antennas and to Fuzzy Logic signal analysis, Micro-Ray obtains the best compromise between proper detection /false alarm. At the same time it is totally immune to the most extreme weather conditions and to harshest temperatures, with no need for frequent maintenance such as cleaning of the cover.

Features like absence of disqualification, beam interruption time from 10mSec to 1sec, alarm memory up to 256 events per each ray, meet the strictest requirements for high security.

The alarm occurs due to interruption of rays and NOT through the analysis of the disturbance generated by any movements within the volume. Each ray is fully independent and can be freely set up by choosing 1 out of the 5 available scenarios or “type of application”. Furthermore, BASIC or ADVANCED configuration can be selected according to beam interruption time.


Each tower can be equipped with 1 to 4 microwave rays, independent in alarm management. Thanks to their special configuration no dead-zone is created and overlap is not required. Detection height is up to 3m and rays can be freely set-up inside the pre-assembled column, not visible from outside. Installation is made easy by the embedded audio-visual tool with final self-evaluation.

Each ray has relays output for Alarm/Tamper/Fault, and can be integrated on RS485 and IP PoE, suitable for any control panel. For full info about Micro-Ray please refer to the new brochure, now available at Cias website.


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