CIAS Elettronica, a leading company in the production and marketing of security systems as part of a research plan for company growth: EXPORT SALES MANAGER.

The position holder will have the responsibility to develop the customer portfoglio, coordinate the commercial strategies and the sales activity in the geographical area of ​​competence abroad.

Reporting to the Sales Department, will be engaged in the following activities:

  • Visiting existing and potential clients in the areas of competence, both on their own initiative and on the recommendation of the commercial structure.
  • Management of specifications and verification of the various phases of the sales pipeline.
  • To train and update our customers commercially and technically.
  • Participate in the definition of the business policies of the company, the characteristics of the products and the type of customer to whom to direct commercial actions.
  • Attend fairs and seminars.
  • Ensure the preparation of the budget and the achievement of the sales objectives in the area of ​​competence.
  • He will assist the Commercial Department in the elaboration of the commercial strategy and in the definition of the specific marketing plan for the area.
  • He will be personally in charge of relations with main and potential customers.
  • He will have to develop relationships with local associations, governmental and administrative bodies and monitor the market to identify new business opportunities.
  • In the exercise of his / her duties, he / she must constantly relate with colleagues in the TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE office given the technical nature of the product proposed by Cias Elettronica

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