The dynamism and capacity for evolution of a company does not mean forgetting its own history. That’s how the second generation of entrepreneurs now leading CIAS for some years, has taken over the baton from the founding fathers and consolidated an activity that for over 4 decades remains a reference in the Perimeter Security market, increasing its international character. Fabrizio and Raffaele have a thing for innovation and what’s unexpected, and decline it on deep values. A sense of humor is their management-style secret, but please don't disclose it to the competition!


Think global, act local. The CIAS Sales “A Team” proposes the Made in CIAS with elegance. Matteo, Andrea, Eric, Fabio Sandro: everyone with their own background, but all with a consolidated professionalism in the security sector for years. Competent and attentive in listening to the needs of the market, they take care of every single project, big or small. They assist our customers in finding the right items in the vast panorama of solutions offered, highlighting the most suitable choice depending on the actual situation. Capable of easily surfing from an on-site inspection to a training workshop, from tennis and basketball to running or playing soft-air outdoor: their versatility is also appreciated by colleagues.


Luca, Enrico and Francesco, our Service Team, don't like being idle. They support the projects of our customers near and: by phone, e-mail, team-viewer, and they reach them in the dirt of the field when necessary

They are a small crew but with great experience, patience and passion. Many times during the year they offer technical trainings in Italy and abroad, because it’s well-known that professional perimeter protection plants can result only from a correct project design, throughout a good installation. Watch out for their preliminary question! … "Have you already read the manual?"


Meet the person who takes care of your orders from start to finish, manages courier issues, organizes events, handles demanding requests discreetly, and sometimes deals with unexpected emergencies.

Her role is essential yet transitional, constantly bridging the gap between customers and the company, and internally between departments and branch offices with professionalism and ease. Lorella is the first smile to greet you at CIAS Milan when you visit.


Rosario, Fabiola, Felice and Jacopo , the guardians of the accounts, those who constantly adjust the route of the company without showing it, and keeping everything classified, in order. The discreet southern heat and the northern wind rush are the opposite currents that animate the quiet surface of this team. They are responsible for the balance between what enters and what comes out, the careful selection of suppliers and collaborators, the overview of the famous and inflexible facts & figures …they manage to do this without losing their human side, which in the end is what livens up a reality like ours, made of distinct but not separate personalities.


Located near Lecco Lake, behind the Milano scene, here they are: The Producers! More than a team, a family let’s say. There are those who have been accompanying CIAS since the start, those who came very young and those from far away.

Super-specialized, they give birth, test and finally greet every single product towards its destination and, if later it should suffer any mishap, they will accurately repair it. The acute attention and care they put into each step, always guarantee high quality.

Lab R&D & ICT

The brain and the technological heart of CIAS. We owe to the dedication of these intuitive minds the peculiarities that make our product offer unique and innovative.

Compact and close-knit, they "play" silently between electrical circuits and anechoic chambers, immersed in fuzzy logics and IP networks.

Unexpectedly they come to life at the company aperitifs and seasonal happy hours, where their algorithm-based language is translated into agile vocal or guitar performances. And you should see them performing at the soccer table!