SIOUX MEMS used to protect a leading company in road and rail transport in Italy

CIAS and Si.S.Tel. Data protect a leading company in combined
road&train transport, with SIOUX MEMS technology system.

Where was the intervention?

The site is in Northern Italy, it has a perimeter of about 4 km and covers an area of ​​about 250,000 square meters, within which the exchange takes place from rail transport to road transport and vice versa. The need is to protect goods of various kinds in continuous transit, which can remain stored on the site for several days. The security project involved the replacement of the old perimeter systems with active infrared technology, as they are no longer suitable for meeting the protection needs of the site.

Fundamental requirements of the new security technologies were:

  1. Being fully digital for easy remote management;
  2. Being perfectly integrated with video surveillance systems
  3. Most of all, being immune to disturbances deriving from the transit of trains on the railway line that passes adjacent to the perimeter of the 'hub.

The main plant engineering challenge was to create an anti-climb and anti-cut protection of the fence, punctual and effective.

Let’s see how it worked so well…

In this fence-mounted system the MEMS sensors can detect even the slightest displacement attempt, thanks to their ability to memorize the position on the 3 spatial axes. Moreover, the analysis of the signal is operated by fuzzy algorithms that compare all the signal received from the kits distributed throughout the fence. The continuous processing of the data collected by the control units allows, not only to distinguish whether it is a false alarm or atmospheric phenomenon (such as persistent rain, strong wind and -such in this case- vibration of a train), but also the identification of the point of intrusion with precision of 1mt.

Finally, the native IP & PoE system allows easy integration with the CCTV supervision systems present on the site.

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