How to protect metal collection centers

....  A  case study on a sensitive site


Among the most used materials in every field, from construction to industry (mechanical, aerospace, electrical, chemical), there are metals and alloys such as copper, lead and brass, which have become the new gold, increasingly sought after.
Consequently, all metal collection centers, even the so-called car breakers, are under attack daily by specialized thieves.

AGOSTA METALLI, a scrap yard in Lombardy district North of Italy, falls into this category. To solve their need for efficient property protection, the customer turns to the experienced installer Gemini Impianti of Davide Pansecchi, to implement the best possible solution.
The length of the facility's perimeter is approximately 200mt, of which 70% borders on city streets that may allow easy intrusion and an equally quick escape to the burglar. The rest is leaning against non-owned buildings, which have hidden areas that are difficult to monitor.

In this mix of conditions, the selection of products to install could not be uniform, but had to consider the variety of potential risks by identifying the most suitable protection system for each segment.
First, the physical defenses were raised, consisting of fences up to 6mt in height, so we suggested to integrate an electronic climb-over detection on the perimeter, which would "upgrade" defense from passive to active. In the old plant there were infrared barriers and other mixed detection systems, which unfortunately presented problems of blinding with fog and did not guarantee the maximum security of GRADE 4 EN505131




3 solutions have been identified:

As the first defense sector, the fence was made sensitive to attempts to climb over with SIOUX PRO2, a MEMS technology sensor system that offers the detection of the intrusion point with the precision of 1m.

Then, 3 MURENA PLUS microwave RADARs have been positioned on the access gates and on the roof, which thanks to FSK technology combined with fuzzy logic analysis offer a precise cut-off range of the detection area and target sizing, so as not to incur in unpleasant false alarms due to small animals, such as cats and birds.

Finally, in the center of the breaker's yard, in the passage area between the scrapping area and the management offices, 1 MICRO-RAY linear microwave barrier was positioned as a "trap", instead of the IR barriers, obviating their typical disqualification limits due to blindness and fog.
The Micro-Ray columns have been reinforced by a steel frame as an additional protection from any mechanical impact of the metal moving machines that operate within the perimeter.


The result is a fully protected perimeter, where the whole system is wired with an existing Control Panel via relay contacts.
The old cameras with remote video verification will shortly be updated with new, better performing HDs to have a better definition of any intrusion.
The installation is being completed in these days.