Airport perimeter security solution

Airport perimeter security solutions by CIAS represents one of the most vital resources for this type of environment. It is important to underline how our company, international leader in the perimeter protection since 1974, offers a wide range of security solutions for airports, covering both indoor and outdoor spaces and satisfying different security needs.

Airport perimeter security solutions by CIAS enhance the best technologies in Microwave and radar sensors with a final goal: guaranteeing a complete protection for sensitive and highly crowded spaces.

In order to respect the sensitivity level that is typical of this type of environment, all airport perimeter security solutions by CIAS guarantee the most advanced technology coupled with a constant work in terms of Research and Development, in order to design and manufacture effective protection systems that are easy to use and completely reliable.

Airport perimeter security solutions by CIAS are the smartest, most cost-effective and easily manageable products for an effective protection of both structure, visitors and employees.

Airport perimeter security solutions: indoors and outdoors

CIAS offers airport perimeter security solutions both for indoors and outdoors:

  • Indoor airport perimeter security solutions: they protect entrances, fascias, windows, balconies and doorways with internal transceiver sensors able to identify perimeter intrusions by using microwaves in small applications, and radar technology sensors. We aim to create curtain patterns focused even on a limited area.
  • Outdoor airport perimeter security solutions: they can be installed both on preexisting and new structures such as perimeter walls and fences. External security can also be reached by creating imperceptible open spaces through microwave barriers. They produce an electromagnetic fields and can be further enhanced with the aid of additional sensors able to detect any kind of perturbing event, activating specific alert signals.

Airport security: essential around the perimeter, too

In general, all airport perimeter security solutions offered by CIAS respond to the need of guaranteeing an accurate, dependable and reliable security system for the protection of aviation assets.

They represent an invaluable asset, together with classic security checkpoints and passenger screening programs, because they implement a specific protection strategy over an area that is just as important: the perimeter of the site.

It is essential to remember that airport perimeter security solutions are necessary because airports can be harder to protect than other places: they are especially large, with many moving objects and vibrations from jets and lights can interfere with camera detection systems of traditional sensors mounted on fences.

All airport perimeter security solutions by CIAS are especially designed for these specific sites.

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