Application note: protection of grates and access gates on the floor


We go on with a new application note about protection of grates and access gates.
More and more we are asked for a technology suitable for protection against the breakthrough of grates and access gates which makes vulnerable the unprotected entrances.
Thanks to our product Sioux MEMS, already known on the market for anti-climbing and anti-cutting application on fences, it is possible to protect panels up to 5m width from removal and lifting attempts – with the same technology.
Each Sioux sensor allows an accurate adjustment according to the degrees of tilt to be detected with respect to the original installation angle.
The Sioux Controller allows connection of up to 140 sensors along a distance of 400m, linked through one cat.5E FTP cable.
Each sensor is individually adjustable in order to give the most accurate alarm in case of breach of the grates. The whole system can be connected via IP and remotely managed by an alarm control panel through any existing infrastructure.

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