Application note: roof protection, smoke control systems and skylights


We go on with an application note concerning protection of roofs, smoke control systems and skylights, often used in shopping centers, big logistic plants or storehouses in order to give light and a safe way out to people and smoke in case of fire.
Almost daily news report that intruders, more and more cunning, find way to get in where the access are less protected and more vulnerable, such as passages in the roof.
Today CIAS offers a wide range of products to detect intrusions, such as SIOUX MEMS installed on grates or, to reveal any intrusion attempt in advance, microwave barriers installed on the external perimeter.
Through the existing infrastructure, all can be connected via IP and remotely controlled by a central control panel for alarms such as Quasar.

In order to know more about all possible protection solutions offered by CIAS, please feel free to send your enquiry to and our Technical Staff will help you with the more suitable solution!