We are glad to announce that we have resumed our manufacturing activities of perimeter protection systems & solutions.

We have picked things up where we stopped, after a weird time on hold - but full of seeds that are now sprouting up to bring the New. New practices and new awareness, new flexibility and new ideas too.

It's all part of growing up.

Anticipating what was subsequently requested by the institutions, we quickly implemented the strictest protective measures for the safety our skilled workers in the production plant, who with great self-sacrifice and team spirit have adapted to the new safety protocol, allowing us to remain productive and ensuring continuity of service in a motionless yet stormy marketplace. In parallel we digitalized everything that could be done remotely, adopting smart working solutions.

Day by day evaluating the best response to the present challenge, in face of the emergency: this required commitment, in the trust that everything that happens has a higher meaning pushing us to progress.

This apparent limit made us discover new resources and new synergies, with a creative common sense that allowed us to see the beauty of being able to work - when many others, less fortunate, were unable to.

As a manufacturer we are part of several strategic and public utility chains, and we want to give our practical contribution to the growth of our Country, made up of small and medium companies like ours, which in turn is made up of people and families.

The heart of our business is Security, but today more than ever we know that security can also have a heart.

Best wishes to all our sector for a full restart. Good job everybody!