Fog? No problem with Micro-Ray!

Fog? No problem with Micro-Ray!

The well-known problem of Infrared technology applied to perimeter systems is the attenuation that the fog tiny droplets of water produce on the emission in their respective frequencies. This leads to an increase in the number of unwanted false alarms, and therefore makes perimeter protection less reliable.

Microwave technology, on the other hand, uses lower frequencies which therefore emit wider wavelengths, so by its nature it is completely free from this kind of problems. Reliability is guaranteed even in extreme weather conditions, and the level of security achieved is the highest: compliance with grade 4 in EN50131.

If you want to protect a type of perimeter that necessarily requires a narrow beam, such as a corridor of only 1 meter wide between a hedge and a fence, the choice would be oriented to the infrared column, being the traditional microwave barrier subject to certain installation requirements depending on the ratio between volume of the detection lobe and detection space.
But infrared, in turn, has strong limits linked to disqualification due to environmental conditions, which drastically lowers its detection performance.

Micro-Ray brilliantly solves this type of situation without compromise, thanks to the linear microwave technology with rays with a diameter of 16 in (40cm), Made in Cias and unique in the world.



Micro-Ray has got the FCC label, which certifies that the electromagnetic interference from the device is under limits approved by the Federal Communications Commission.




MICRO-RAY. The one and only linear mW barrier.

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