Free History Lesson on Radar technology Anyone?

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Free History Lesson on Radar technology Anyone?


Radar technology (RAdio Detection And Ranging) is a system that uses microwaves to detect and determine the position and speed of objects. The history of radar dates back to 1904 when radio waves were tried to detect distant objects. Since then, the evolution has been an escalation of construction methods and types of detection which can be summarized in 5 types:

  • Continuous wave (CW) doppler radar used for example by the police to detect speed
  • Pulse radar not used in free frequencies but only in the military field
  • Narrowband radar (FSK) used for missile guidance and at civilian level in our Murena Plus series
  • Broadband radar (FMCW) used for altimetric radar ≥24Ghz and in the civil sector in recent years
  • MIMO radar used in autonomous driving to manage for example the assisted driving at 77Ghz

  CIAS has always been at the forefront in microwave detection and manufactured the first Doppler radar with Fuzzy Logic digital technology for the civil sector back in 1999, today evolved into the Murena Plus product. The 2 main features that distinguish this product are:   

  • Adjusting the size of the target to be detected
  • A very intuitive way to setup both short and long range cutoffs in the detection spectrum with a 1 meter resolution.



The microwave doppler radar technology with planar antenna, with narrow band modulated frequency (FSK) and LR-FTD (Long Range Fuzzy Target Discrimination) and SR-FTD (Short Range Fuzzy Target Discrimination) analysis, allows the Murena Plus to still be today a unique grade 4 EN50131 product, remotely manageable via RS485 or IP and with 256 events in memory.


There are 3 versions of our outstanding monostatic Murena Plus Radar   :

  • Volumetric 90 ° - range 12m
  • Volumetric 45 ° - range 24m
  • Curtain 90 ° - 12m range




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