Meet MICRO-RAY and its stellar performances…

MICRO-RAY: a game-changer in the PIDS industry!

Winner of DETEKTOR AWARD BEST PRODUCTS 2019 and finalist at GIT SECURITY AWARD 2021, the first barrier ever using microwave technology in a ®evolutionary way will be AVAILABLE FOR SALE IN THE USA WITHIN 2020

Its microwave lobe is typically volumetric, like a traditional barrier, but alarm is given by interruption of a linear microwave ray, like an infrared barrier.

Like never before, effectiveness of microwave in detection is innovatively coupled with minimal requirement for installation spaces, with a result of outstanding reliability & adaptiveness.


    THE KEYPOINTS OF                                                                                                                                                               



  • perfect alternative to infrared beams, thanks to unique microwave rays of 15 inches Ø
  • effective 330 feet range
  • meeting any need for high security in narrow spaces






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