Is the product EASY to install?
YES: CIAS barriers are available as IP/POE devices so they can be installed with only one cable. The barriers can be easily tuned per head by connecting a laptop directly to the unit or remotely through copper, fiber or IP and tuning with the innovative WaveTEST software. Estimated time for tuning is 10 minutes per barrier.

Is it effective against false alarms?
YES: CIAS barriers use over 256 Fuzzy Behavior Models (FMB) including Side Target Discrimination to reduce false alarms. Type 1 error rate (i.e. nuisance alarms) is an Industry Leading one false alarm per module per year! See it in action Here

Does it integrate with security devices?
YES: CIAS barriers have three different levels of integration ranging from serial relays for alarm panels or access control boards to advance software integration with leading Video Management Software (Genetec, Milestone, Arteco) and Access Control Products. See how it works Here

Can I Manage Data Across Many Zones?
YES: CIAS barriers can be aggregated into the IB System allowing 5 different alarm states including pre alarm, alarm, tamper, and failure. This allows easy integration into Access Control panels plus a centralized method to tune and adjust the barriers.

Is There a Competitive Price Advantage?
YES: CIAS offers the best return on Total Cost of Ownership on the market with its easy set-up, advanced false alarm reduction and industry leading 6 year manufacturer product warranty.

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