Perimeter fence sensors

What are perimeter fence sensors? In the wider context of perimeter protection, perimeter fence sensors are designed to enhance the security of any area, in an easy, reliable and efficient way.

Not only perimeter fence sensors are extremely cost effective and guarantee a low false alarm rate, but they also protect areas of different sizes – from the smallest to the widest – thanks to their versatility and simplicity of installation. They also benefit of a low maintenance and are ideal to detect any intruder along the perimeter line.

Perimeter fence sensors are part of a structure that circles the perimeter of a specific area with the aim of preventing undesired access. Since any access usually comes from the perimeter, it is easy to understand how these tools can be essential in the security of a commercial area, a building site or any sensible location.

Perimeter fence sensors are therefore part of the wide concept of perimeter security, which is made of many different specifications and technologies. While simple fences and gates provide physical barriers that keep intruders out, and video surveillance cameras can help monitoring the space without being physically there, perimeter fence sensors play a vital role in the all-round effectiveness of the so-called “perimeter intrusion detection system”.

Professionals like CIAS can design the best perimeter fence sensors based on several different factors, such as:

  • Size of the area that needs to be protected
  • Possible intrusion paths
  • Site requirements
  • Integration with pre-existing security systems or multiple technologies
  • Variations in fence fabric
  • Variations in electric tension
  • Variations in ground material or soil conductivity

All these factors can influence the performance of the perimeter fence sensors and hence will have to be evaluated carefully in order to deploy a functional perimeter sensing technology.

Fence detection system: main benefits

A high-quality fence detection system significantly enhances the effectiveness and security of a specific locations. Especially when it is designed taking specific technical requirement into consideration, a fence detection system can maximize the so-called “detection probability”, which is the ability of a security system to effectively detect intrusion along the perimeter of the site.

Among the main benefits guaranteed by a good fence detection system, we have to include:

  • A fence detection system is suitable for industrial, commercial, public or private residential sites
  • A fence detection system is the result of advanced and ever-evolving technology aimed at absolute performance
  • A fence detection system guarantees complete protection of sensitive places
  • A fence detection system is smart, cost-effective, easy to install
  • A fence detection system guarantees a low maintenance

Fence protection system: CIAS is the answer

If you’re looking for the best partner in terms of fence protection systems, CIAS is the answer. Not only CIAS offers the most up-to-date fence protection system on the market, but also the best solutions for the protection of all kinds of spaces in every location:

  • A fence protection system can protect high security areas such as military and nuclear plants
  • A fence protection system by CIAS is also perfect for industrial and commercial areas
  • A fence protection system by CIAS is designed to also fit residential needs

Get in touch with CIAS now and discover the best security system for your spaces.

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