Protect a construction site

Protecting a construction site is always necessary, as this type of environment is considered as a valuable, prime target for thieves and vandals. According to a recent National Equipment Register survey, one third of thefts usually happens on Monday morning, and more than 70% of thefts happens in construction sites that lack adequate security systems and strategies.

In order to protect a construction site, we suggest you to consider and keep in mind a few, simple tips.

The construction site must be secured

First of all, the perimeter of the construction site should be well lit and locked up. Further security systems around the perimeter of the construction site might include theft monitoring video/alarm devices, identified with the help of an alarm installation specialist who will be able to suggest the best security solution in accordance to the specific needs of the site.

Pay attention to large and open spaces

Large and open spaces in construction sites are usually the welcome target for criminals, therefore they must be secured. A motion-activated monitoring system could be a good solution, especially if supported by a live feed sent to an operator. In this way, the operator will be able to assess the situation in real time and intervene anytime, if necessary.

Secure the parking structure

Parking areas of construction sites are often a way in for burglars and vandals. A video-verification system represents a great security option for this kind of outdoor spaces, where the high probability of people and vehicles moving around unbothered enhances the “invisibility” of possible intruders.

Identify your inventory

Having precise information about the equipment present in the construction site will always help you to find out if something is missing. The data must be kept secure and should be updated constantly.  Furthermore, we suggest you to take pictures of the larger equipment and, last but not the least, do not forget to start tracking the new items soon after you’ve purchased them and keep a record of the relevant information (item codes, descriptions, quantities, etc.) .

Spread the word

Involving your neighbors is an “old-style”, but still functional way to protect a construction site. Keep a good relationship and cordial communication with the companies that surround your facilities and the people living and working around the perimeter and make them aware of the fact that the construction site is being constantly monitored. In doing so, stress with them the following principle: securing the perimeter of your compound is not only a benefit for your business, but they could take advantage from that, too.

Explore the area

Getting to know in great detail not only your construction site, but also what is around it is one of the first ways to protect it effectively. Patrol and check the areas that surround your construction site looking at the construction site from different angles and distances. This subjective vision will allow you to experience how a potential thief or vandal would look at the place.

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