SIOUX MEMS PRO2:Secure Photovoltaic fields

Solar farms perform a crucial function in the economy but are often left unsupervised, placed outside the built-up area in large rural sites, guarded only by passive fences.
In order not to risk disruptions in the supply of energy, as a result of vandalism on the panels or theft of copper from cables, just to give an example of the possible damage caused by unwanted intrusions, effective protection of their perimeter is needed.

On the perimeter security market there are technologies fitting any price-level and types of application. To meet the need for protection of plants which are "simple" from a structural point of view but high-security demanding, such as photovoltaic fields, the SIOUX MEMS PRO2, sensor system for rigid and mesh fences, offers a perfect solution for shifting from passive to active security.


By choosing the SIOUX MEMS PRO2 fence-mounted solution, the site security manager will be able to count on these advantages, rarely provided by peer systems on the market:

  • MEMS sensors can capture the smallest vibration on any fence: climbing, cutting, displacemente attempts are detected
  • Pin-Point Location with accuracy of 1 meter (3,3 ft): intrusion events are identified point by point.
  • Effective protection of fences goes up to 6 meters high
  • System is made by kits of plug&play sensors and cables patches: you can protect exactly the fence length required
  • It's the easiest to maintain, as each part can be replaced individually and the system repaired in a few minutes in case of failure, vandalism, etc.