What is perimeter security

When we talk about perimeter security, we refer to natural barriers or artificially built fortifications that have the goal of keeping intruders out of the area the boundary surrounds.

The most common way to guarantee perimeter security is represented by fences, still in heavy use today despite the massive technological advancement in terms of electronic solutions. Fences are still massively used for perimeter security for a number of reasons:

  • Relatively good cost/effectiveness ratio
  • Transparency
  • Strength
  • Storage
  • Ease of installation

Plus, fences are still the primary perimeter security means for different kinds of environment:

  • Schools
  • Construction sites
  • Business/Private Companies compounds
  • Airports
  • Playgrounds

Of course, fences also have obvious limits that need to be overcome both strategically and technologically. This type of perimeter security system can be easily circumvented, breached or climbed over. That’s the reason why fences aren’t and cannot be considered 100 % effective, especially in specific circumstances where a constant and higher level of perimeter security is needed.

Perimeter security and electronic technology

Electronic technology represents the best solution for perimeter security. The constant evolution in this industry has, in itself, deeply changed the mere concept of perimeter security – which now includes modern and extremely technological devices, strategies and systems.

Some of the classic electronic technologies adopted for security purposes are the following:

  • Ground surveillance radars
  • Steerable videocameras
  • Secure wireless communication
  • Portable perimeter protection systems
  • Motion detection
  • Thermal cameras
  • Compact and portable radars
  • Microwave fences
  • Radiowave fences
  • Access control systems
  • Biometric scanning linked to tablet or smartphone technology

In any event, perimeter security and therefore perimeter protection are essential requirements for every kind of site: from industrial to commercial, from public to private and residential. The current smart perimeter protection systems guarantee an enhanced level of protection both for indoor and open-air security needs, in all kinds of locations and in different circumstances.

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