Nuclear Power Plants’ perimeter protection is no joke

Nuclear Power Plants' perimeter protection is no joke

Security is a top priority for Nuclear Power Plant's worldwide.
Attacks on these sites could cause irreversible harm to people and the environment

The requirement
The requirement is crucial to maintain the utmost level of prevention against damage and destruction at nuclear sites. Large scale outages for a region or entire nation would be devasting to the well-being of people, property and assets. Cyber-attacks are not the only threat to these critical infrastructures. Equally threatening are physical unwanted intrusions, vandalism and terrorist attacks.

The challenge
These sites are often located in remote and rural areas. Almost any movement must be detected and reported promptly. They are typically protected by a fence as a first layer of defense. Inside the fenced perimeter can be a complex campus of buildings and hazardous zones where cars and people must move freely and safely. In short, the most efficient protection for a facility like this, requires a combination of different perimeter systems working synergistically.

The solution

Perimeter protection is a key solution for optimal risk-prevention. As a major player in the market of outdoor perimeter protection since 1974, CIAS is protecting many Nuclear Power Plants around the world including: EU (Benelux, Bulgaria, Czech Rep., France, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Ukraine), South Korea and USA.

In CIAS’ professional opinion and experience, the most suitable protection solutions for Nuclear Power Plants are:

1.    Fence detection systems with MEMS technology, like Sioux PRO2 suitable for any type of fence as a first layer of defense to detect cutting, climbing and lifting of the fence fabric.

2.    Volumetric invisible protection inside the perimeter, can be handled through a bi-static microwave barrier ERMO 482XPRO, which guarantees the highest level of efficiency and a false alarm rate close to zero in any environmental conditions.

3.    mW Radar like Murena Plus to cover dead-zones of overlapping barriers at the corners of the perimeter, and for protection of the building facade and entrances.

All CIAS digital fuzzy Logic solutions are IP & PoE ready to deploy alongside major VMS and access control platforms for integrated supervision. The implementation of the 802.1X cyber standard also ensures strengthened authentication of all devices on the LAN to reinforce the protection from cyber-attacks


MURENA Plus radar

a pure microwave sensor able to set the area and the dimension of the target to detect

SIOUX PRO2 MEMS fence-detection
system is used for any type of fence (or wall), and typically serves as the first layer external protection

MICRO-RAY linear mW barrier

when the area to protect is very narrow, like a corridor, and very sensitive to weather conditions

ERMO 482X3 PRO mW barrier

is the perfect intrusion system to protect high-risk sites thanks to a near-to-zero false alarm rate