Residential sector

Specific perimeter protection systems for houses, villas, and private homes

CIAS produces security and perimeter protection systems for the residential sector, for intrusion detection, protecting and controlling all the external areas of villas and private homes.

Given their destination, the proposed systems guarantee excellent performance and precision to ensure the maximum in terms of security for those who reside there, ensuring high standards of perimeter protection and reliability in any condition.

The perimeter protection devices and systems intended for the residential sector are characterized by innovative technologies, quality, and high reliability, to ensure the right sensitivity for the detection of every suspicious movement so to promptly report intrusion, tampering and theft attempts.

We have been operating in the security sector for years, developing systems for government and military areas, therefore we take advantage of the know-how acquired also for solutions intended for private homes.

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Types of security systems for the residential sector


IP ready digital barrier with a particular design with internal wiring, designed for a simple and quick installation and with an above average quality level


Mono-head dual-doppler digital radar used to protect high risk sites. Sensor immune to fog, sandstorms, temperature changes and solar radiation


Perimeter anti-intrusion fence-mounted system, specifically designed for all types of fences, flexible or rigid, to detect cuts, climbing over and displacement attempts with 1m pinpoint and redundancy function, particularly suitable for high-risk sites also in combination with microwave barriers and CCTV systems

Strengths of CIAS security systems for the residential sector

  • Reliability
  • Maximum precision
  • False alarms close to zero
  • Detection of cuts, climbing and displacement attempts on fences
  • Excellent performance in all weather conditions
  • Wide range of coverage
  • Perimeter monitoring and detection
  • Detection of movements even on walls and fences
  • Extremely innovative and technologically advanced solutions
  • Integration of the security system
  • Multilevel perimeter protection
  • All can be integrated over IP with CCTV systems

Do you want to know more about security systems for the residential sector?

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