Since 1974 Protection of Critical Infrastructure & Assets for over 40 years!


Proven Performance & Reliability

Innovative technology


CIAS has been operating in the security market since 1974, in the field of research, development and manufacturing of security equipment and perimeter protection systems.

Renowned for its microwave technology and 3D MEMS fence detection systems over IP, CIAS has its US headquarter based in Miami, Florida.

CIAS products are currently used to protect the perimeter of critical infrasrtrucure (i.e.  nuclear power plants, high-security prisons, military and civil airports, banks, etc....)

For over 40 years of activity, CIAS has become a cornerstone in the security market, distinguishing itself by the continuous technological innovation for the perimeter protection.


Microwave barriers

A microwave barrier is a standout amongst the most dependable and safe intrusion detectors utilized for outdoor perimeter protection.

Fence Detection

Full range fence protection with different technology:
MEMS with point identification and magnetofonic
cable or fibre optic with zone identification

Barriers with microwave rays

MICRO-RAY is a virtual detection barrier with linear microwave rays developed by CIAS laboratories


Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection is an essential resource for industrial, business, public or private establishments. The security market offers today a total scope of solid and smart perimeter protection systems...


Data collection system

IB-SYSTEM IP is the enlightened integration server from the CIAS labs for the entire administration of up to 1280 distinct sensors (smart fencing, barrier management & Doppler sensors)


The perimeter protection called “Seveso Sites”

DO YOU KNOW THE SEVESO DIRECTIVE? Protect the environment, health and our economy In Europe there are at least 12,000 plants that use dangerous chemicals, in which accidents could cause damage to environmental biodiversity, have harmful effects on human health and impact economically with losses of billions of euros. Following a first catastrophic accident in [...]

Sicurezza 2021: SYNAPSES AI





The market need to integrate Video-Systems to Perimeter Devices was the inspiration to create SYNAPSES which is practically a new “super-sensor”
system capable of taking advantage of the embedded AI to harmonize the performance of the whole perimeter protection solution.


SYNAPSES performs various video-analysis algorithms, including Deep-Learning. The FoV (Field of View) of each connected camera can be deployed into 8 different areas
and paired to 32 field devices. It

SIOUX MEMS used to protect a leading company in road and rail transport in Italy

Finally, the native IP & PoE system allows easy integration with the CCTV supervision systems present on the site.

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Integration CIAS- CNL Everbridge

CIAS IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE A NEW INTEGRATION WITH: Everbridge offers Physical Security Information Management software (PSIM) designed for complete Integrated Situation Management. CIAS PIDS are now fully integrated with Everbridge “Control Center” software. The interface is fully operated for: SIOUX MEMS PRO2, fence-mounted detection solution ERMO 482XPRO 3.0 and MICRO-RAY traditional and linear microwave [...]