The protection of Vertiports, new critical infrastructures

Vertiports: the mobility of the future takes off in security

The new frontier of alternative transportation in global cities is Urban Air Mobility. Through the use of electric or hybrid eVTOL (Electric Vertical Take-Off And Landing) and VTOL aircraft , i.e. small air-taxis for passengers, and delivery Drones, heavy traffic will be streamlined on city streets, deliveries will be faster, congestion, noise, and emissions of surface transportation reduced, contributing to a sustainable future.

Vertiports are the facilities for landing and takeoff of VTOLS, with ground space plus passenger loading and unloading areas, charging stations, and equipment for the maintenance and replacement of drone batteries.
Usually placed near strategic surface transport hubs, such as railway or metro stations, or on the top floors of large car parks or shopping centres, the vertiports must be reachable via air corridors with assessments on their location and routes and particular safety features approved by Authorities.

Oilchain, Telespazio and Leonardo recently created a brand new system for those mini-hub in Italy, integrating communications, automation and surveillance.
We are proud to have taken part in this futuristic project, together with Milestone Systems, Bosch Security and Safety Systems, Carrier Fire & Security and Electronic’s Time SRL, providing our FSK Radar MurenaPlus, in a configuration of 4 per Control Tower.