CIAS CSI Certified System Integrator Program

CIAS Certified Integrator Training Program

We are pleased to introduce our Certified Integrator Training Program: a comprehensive technical training, available on demand, designed to equip our Integrators with all the tools needed to create the best solutions for the end-customer, both pre- and post-sales. Our training includes setup of demo material, microwave training, fence detection system training, integration and infrastructure.

The first System Integrator who took the chance for a full training program last May was Quantum Crossings. Our Business Development Manager Fabio Perri trained the team at their premises on the CIAS product line of Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems.

Ensures your people are fully trained in all aspects of our technologies to provide exceptional service and support to your end-user.

Choose your tailored training level program now: Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze.