How to secure a Data Center with Murena Plus radar

Security Breaches at Data Centers, where high-value intangible assets are stored, can result in damages both financially and to the reputation of companies.

Invisible digital data linked so fundamentally to our daily life, individually and corporately, also needs security protocols, to prevent cyber-attacks, and physical perimeter security.

The requirement

The heart of the Data Center is the IT (physical) equipment needed to store data: servers, switches, routers, power and cooling infrastructures, and telecommunications equipment, typically housed in bulky cabinets. Depending on the size of the storage equipment required, it may be a single building, a shared space, or a cluster of storage facilities that covers a large area possibly located outside major cities for increased security.

The challenge

Alongside the Virtual Security measures to protect the network from hacking, malware and spyware, adequate Physical security solutions are needed to prevent unauthorized access to infrastructure. Any damage to electronic equipment, resulting from sabotage, industrial espionage or terrorist attacks aimed at service disruption will create undue chaos on a business. While structural measures like entrances with a single access point, turnstiles, physical barriers like fences, private guards and CCTV systems are helpful, Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems can intercept the attempted intrusion, and prevent it from succeeding. Large data centers covering multiple buildings over a large outdoor area need to take into account the various environmental conditions that can occur. Microwave technology is an ideal solution for this challenge.

The solution

Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, CIAS’ mw Radar Murena Plus, with internal cable routing and a rain shield, features a sophisticated MEMS (Micro-Electrical Mechanical Systems) sensor for intrusion attempts and delivers highly reliable performance in all environments. It can detect the size of the target moving within the protection area with an accuracy of 1 meter (3.28 feet), thanks to advanced Fuzzy Logic analysis. Like all CIAS digital fuzzy Logic solutions, it's IP & PoE ready to operate with and integrate to all major VMS and access control platforms installed on site for supervision. The implementation of the 802.1X cyber standard also ensures robust authentication of all devices on the Local Area Network of the critical infrastructure site to reinforce the protection from cyber-attacks.