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Since 1974 extensive experience in the perimeter World


High product reliability

Innovative technology


CIAS is a wholly italian company and has been operating in the security market since 1974, in the field of research, development and manufacture of security equipment and perimeter protection systems.
CIAS is nationally and internationally renowned for its microwave, infrared, triple technology barriers as well as fence detection systems.[…]


Microwave barriers

A microwave barrier is one of the most reliable and safe intrusion detectors used for outdoor perimeter protection.

Fence Detection

Full range fence protection with different technology : MEMS with point identification and magnetofonic cable or fibre optic with zone identification

Microwave barriers with microwave rays

MICRO-RAY is a virtual detection barrier with linear microwave rays developed by CIAS laboratories


Perimeter Protection

Perimeter protection is an important asset for industrial, commercial, public or private residential sites. The security market offers a complete range of systems...


Data collection system

IB-SYSTEM IP is the new revolutionary integration server from cias labs for the complete management of up to 1280 different sensors...


How to protect metal collection centers:

....  A  case study on a sensitive site HAVEN'T COPPER, LEAD AND BRASS BECOME THE NEW GOLD? Among the most used materials in every field, from construction to industry (mechanical, aerospace, electrical, chemical), there are metals and alloys such as copper, lead and brass, which have become the new gold, increasingly sought after. Consequently, all [...]

SUMMER free webinars: MW&FENCE detection

MAIN TOPICS OF E-TRAINING PROGRAM: compliance to actual regulations criteria for professional perimeter protection seamless integration over IP with PSIM and VMS CHAPTER 1: FENCE-MOUNTED SYSTEMS Fence Detection technologies overview will include CIAS systems: SIOUX PRO2 MEMS APACHE FIBER OPTIC BLACK-FEET CABLE CHAPTER 2: MICROWAVE BARRIERS & RADAR Hi-Security PIDS overview will include CIAS systems: [...]

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Upcoming free webinars: MW&FENCE detection