CORAL PLUS 100, 220 m

Coral plus is the new digital barrier for protections up o 220m. Keep the same mechanical structure of the analogue version therefore proposed to make easy and quick installation but mantaining a quality level significantly above average.
The innovative design ensures the best enviromental impacts thanks to the integrated junction box and internal cable passage. This model is provided with RS 485 port for remote tuning and maintenance simply using the configuration software wave-test.

Tech Features

Frequency = X-BAND conforms to ce, usa and canadian standards
Range = 100, 220 m
Channels = 16 crystal controlled
Temperature = -35°C /+65°C
Alarm outputs = 3 solid relays for Alarm, Fault and Tamper
Power supply = 19 Vca, 24 Vca, 13,8 Vdc, 24 Vdc
Current consumption = 60 mA (TX+RX)
Anti-masking = Settable
Alignment = Audio-Video Instrument incorporated, electronical alignment check.
It provides a matemathial evaluation of he alignment precision


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