Murena 12m, 24m, Curtain 12m

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MURENA PLUS is a digital dual-frequency mono-head Doppler, suitable for providing utmost security in protection of high risk sites as well as residential buildings.
Being a pure microwave sensor, it is simply immune to fog, changing temperatures, sand storm, extreme solar radiation.
One of the most interesting feature of the product is the possibility of setting analysis of the area along with dimension of the target that you want to detect, truly avoiding without any compromise the usual false alarms which can be caused by small animals or big moving objects, such as cars passing-by.

“Fuzzy logic” rules, on which analysis of the signal is based, allow target’s identification and its classification in terms of danger level with respect to set parameters. Furthermore, by adding the IP-DOORWAY accessory, you can manage alarms, telemetry and power supply in one cable only, thus optimizing installer’s work and reducing overall cost of labour to complete the whole installation.

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Tech Features

Dual doppler with modulated frequency and planar antenna
100% Digital Fuzzy Logic
12m Volumetric 90ºVertical 40ºHorizontal
12m Curtain 90ºVertical 20ºHorizontal
24m Volumetric 40ºVertical 20ºHorizontal
Antimasking Set-up
Target Dimension Set-up
Target distance Set-up
Power supply 13,8Vcc 125mA
Remote management via RS485 and IP
256 events Memory and 100 graphics
6-years warranty


The mechanics made by polycarbonate with UV protection, allows you to install the device in different environment conditions from -40°C up to +65°C.
After installation and adjustment, the optional protection kit MURENA-RS allows you to protect the access to the cable entrance. The special roof, which is part of this kit allows you to reduce the noise arising from the rain.


Any significant event is recorded into the events (history back-up) and into the characteristics of the received signal (monitors back-up). These events are provided with the date and exact time thanks to the internal “RTC” and can be downloaded through the special software WAVE TEST 2 used also in order to optimize the installation and give remote maintenance skills.

Sensor Features

The “Fuzzy Logic Rules”, which is based on the analysis of the signal, enabling the identification of the target and its classification in terms of risk compared to the configuration set. The detailed analysis of the movement provides an opportunity to understand whether the target is approaching, expulsion or, moving across, within the lobe of protection. Thanks to the fuzzy function SRTD (Short Range Target Discrimination), is able to discriminate the undesired movements close to the detector, such as those of small animals and/or birds that normally generate un wanted alarms.




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