How to protect a gold mine in Middle East

Case study: how to protect the largest
gold mine in Middle East

The "precious" heart of the site is the largest gold mine in the Middle East, equipped with a particularly critical explosive deposit due to the large quantity of explosives that pass through it, necessary to support deep mining activity.

The challenges

The caution imposed by the presence of explosive material is doubled by the combination of very severe environmental conditions with temperatures that rise above 50°C in the summer. Frequent sandstorms cause very low visibility and high winds can cause the fence to sway severely. The site is also located in a deserted and remote area to be subjected to careful surveillance.

The solution

The protection is developed on 3 integrated levels, starting from the most external fence of 2,500m on which SIOUX PRO2 with MEMS technology has been applied. The protection of the internal corridor follows with 32 Fuzzy Logic ERMO482X3PRO barriers of 120m range, with which a third layer of video cameras interacts.
All solutions are FULL IP PoE able to communicate with each other, and finally a GENETEC server supervises the entire infrastructure.