Sioux Pro2 fence-system with the new INOX sheath

Could the integrity of your fence detection system
be threatened by the presence of rodents?

Sometimes even the most sophisticated anti-intrusion systems are subject to threats from the external environment, an eventuality that is only considered after suffering the damage.

For example, the possible presence of rodents outdoors should not be underestimated, especially for more sensitive sites, where compromised detection means a significant loss.

The solution: new Sioux Pro2 cables with INOX sheath


Sioux Pro2 is the new generation of the perimeter intrusion system for rigid and flexible fences. Pluri-awarded by security experts, since 2012 it has been installed in many high security sites worldwide with great results. Making its cable even more resistant, both to sabotage and to environmental damage, is an actual need in the critical infrastructure market. This is the preventive solution presented at Sicurezza 2023 exhibition.



The stainless steel mesh covers the cable making it ultra-resistant to cutting attempts and possible damage by animals, vegetation and anything else that may interact with the protected perimeter
• The installation method remains simple with the use of the standard cable which is supplied pre-assembled and tested by us at the factory
Double fixing method using UV-resistant clamps or stainless steel clamps